Knowledge for the well-being of present and future life

The well-being of present and future life on the planet require our understanding about human interactions with their natural, built and social environment which are interrelated and mutually determine the quality of the overall environment or nature and the life. The highest degree of ecological conformity is the harmonious coexistence between human and their environment which congruent with one value system.

Strategic research which aimed to understand the real and ought to be human interactions with nature need to employs means of knowledge discovery beyond the border of particular specialized knowledge.

This website is the ECOTAS fellowship's non-profit research and publication unit or ECOTAS Research. ECOTAS is a civil association of professional expertise in the environmental field which was established in 2009 to participate in environmental management to realize the goals of sustainable development in Indonesia. To achieve this purpose, the fellowship carries out research, training, consulting, data and information management, and publishing activities.

The official name of the partnership is ECOTAS GROUP INDONESIA.

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